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Rothschild Boulevard – The Beating Heart of Tel Aviv

Hotel Rothschild 22 and Telavivian present the 22 Best Kept Secrets of the White City

The latest secrets

By Telavivian

Rothschild Boulevard around the clock

Rothschild Blvd. through the lens

View pictures from Rothschild Blvd
Tips of real Tel Avivians
  • Bicicletta: backyard restaurant

    When passing through Nachalat Binyamin I came across a store with nothing in it. Despite it being seemingly empty, a crowd was gathered outside. My curiosity getting the best of me, I peeked inside and discovered a vibrant backyard with a fun and funky Friday afternoon vibe.

    Upon closer inspection I realized that this was actually a restaurant located in a backyard. After enquiring with a few members of the cheery crowd, I learned that this unique restaurant is called Bicicletta. Needless to say I stopped to grab a bite.

    After a delicious meal, I continued on my way, thinking to myself that it’s these types of discoveries that make living in Tel Aviv so fascinating.

    Nahalat Binyamin St 29, Tel AvivShow on map
    Elad ron, Tel Aviv. DJ, producer-Zebra label
  • ‘Ticket to the Circus’

    One of the most infamous disputes in the 19th Knesset has been adapted into a fringe performance that will make spectators hold their heads in disbelief.

    Based on true events, Ticket to the Circus recreates a controversial meeting of the Knesset that focused on the treatment of African refugees in Israel and the High Court of Justice’s rejection of the contentious amendment of the Infiltration Law. Noted actress Ma’ayan Turgeman impersonates Knesset Interior and Environment Committee chairwoman MK Miri Regev in this witty and poignant piece.

    This is a performance about a discussion in which there was no discussion; a performance about a democracy in which no one has the right of free speech and everyone is judged even before they even have the chance to utter a single word. Not surprisingly, the meeting quickly escalated into a verbal battlefield in which everyone took part.

    Tmu-na Theater, Soncino St 8, Tel AvivShow on map
    On Wednesday Aug 10 and Thursday Aug 11 at 20:00, ₪65 per ticket
    Natalie Zuckerman, 38, of Tel Aviv. Theater artist, performer, curator and dramaturge.
  • Tel Aviv beaches

    Tel Aviv is home to 13 official beaches, but which of these so-called sandy paradises is truly deserving of your presence?

    For all those lone wolves out there, hop on your bike and make your way to the beach under the Sdeh Dov airfield. Chances are you won’t see anyone around, meaning peace and quiet for you.

    Looking for something off the beaten track? Head for Givat Aliyah, the city’s southernmost beach which is flanked by unique buildings characterized by their impressive arches. The real bonus here comes in the form of free parking!

    Other than the above, the most trending beach right now is Alma Beach. Fun for families, dogs, and it’s fairly spacious.

    One final tip for our female readers – if you’re looking for a beach but really can’t stand people standing in line making passes at you, we recommend Nordau Beach (the unisex beach) for the perfect, no nonsense tan.

    24 hours
    Joel Ariel Shamir, 35, Tel Aviv. A publicist.
  • Oriental theme at The Passage

    Lately we’ve found ourselves drawn in by the large helping of Oriental music being showcased at The Passage on Allenby Street. Live performances by the likes of Zehava Ben, Ahuva Uzeri, Chaim Uliel, and the Sfatayim Group coupled with a crowd that’s eager to listen guarantees an atmospheric evening full of Eastern promise and charm.

    Eliezer Peretz, the mastermind behind this recent trend, states, “I respect and personally love the genre, and it’s a privilege to uncover these gems that we all love so much, and give them a stage that isn’t necessarily their natural place to perform. These are top class performers, and their live shows are simply fantastic.”

    Allenby St 94, Tel AvivShow on map
    Elad ron, Tel Aviv. DJ, producer-Zebra label

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